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Organizer has enabled us to cut our event tech costs by 50% while significantly boosting attendee experience
Thanks to, we have been able to reduce the number of tools we use for event management and planning from six to just one, resulting in a 50% decrease in costs.
Anastassia Laguta /, Tallinn, Estonia

Mar 07, 2023

DIWUG uses to organize tech conferences
We have been organising Microsoft technology conferences for over a decade now, and for the first time, we have found an application that can manage speaker selection, agenda publishing, sponsor handling, invoicing and attendee registration, all in one. It all just works, from one single platform. No more cobbling together multiple platforms.
Maarten Eekels / DIWUG Board Member, Netherlands

Mar 19, 2023

Kulendayzoptimized (1)
KulenDayz: The iconic tech conference in Croatia uses
For our KulenDayz conference we have used the brand new platform and it has dramatically simplified our conference organisation and on top of that gave us a full insight into our income and expenses and helped us managing our sponsors professionally. We will certainly use this advanced but easy to use system for our future conferences.
Bernard Katic / KulenDayz Managing Director, Croatia

Feb 10, 2023

European Cloud Summit in Germany uses
Managing content can be difficult and requires many different activities such as a call for content, content selection, agenda building, and speaker communications. With, it has never been easier to manage all of these. The platform was built by people who dealt with all these challenges and gave a lot of thought on how to overcome them.
Mustafa Toroman / Content Owner, European Cloud Summit

Feb 10, 2023

Organizer loves the fact that is free for communities and non-profits.
Like most conference organizers, we at MSCommunity BiH struggled to find the right tools for our event. From content and agenda to registration and sponsors, we had to use different tools. With, we finally have everything in one place, and it’s a must-have tool for any event organizer. And it’s free for the communities! 😊
Omar Kudovic / Board Member, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Feb 13, 2023

BIWUG organizes CollabDays Belgium using
With, we can easily manage our speakers, sponsors, and attendees. We can customize registration pages and communicate with our attendees using the app. The speaker management is top-notch, allowing us to invite and track our speakers all in one place. Overall, we highly recommend to anyone who wants to run an event effortlessly.
Thomas Vochten / President of BIWUG and CollabDays, Belgium

Mar 18, 2023

SharePT uses to organize CollabDays Lisbon
One platform to rule them all: call for speakers, sponsors, tickets, agenda. Communication before, during, and after the event between organizers, attendees, speakers, and sponsors is now a seamless effort. This helped us to keep everyone engaged. It truly exceeded our expectations and it is a a key factor in the success of CollabDays Lisbon.
Rodrigo Pinto / SharePT Board Member, Portugal

Mar 15, 2023

Nephos uses to organize Advanced Technology Days
For us, the platform was designed perfectly, covering all aspects of live event organisation - from managing sponsors and selling tickets to receiving feedback from attendees. The amazing bonus here Was the accompanying phone app: it made life easier for sponsors by collecting data from booth visitors in a GDPR-compliant way.
Dinko Tipurić / Marketing Director, Nephos d.o.o., Croatia

Mar 15, 2023

Azure Saturday Netherlands is happy to have as partners.
Organizing a conference is challenging. But, if you have the right tools, everything is much easier. And, if we talk about the right tools for the conference organizers, is a Swiss knife tool to go, which covers literally "everything" that you need. We are happy, as #AzureSaturday organizers, that we have them as partners.
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Vladimir Stefanovic / Azure Saturday NL Main Organizer

Feb 10, 2023

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