Sponsors, exhibitors, and lead retrieval

run.events enables easy management of sponsors, exhibitors, and their contracts. Its features range from creating customized sponsorship packages to managing sponsor personnel, and lead retrieval.
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Configuring sponsorship items and packages

With run.events, event organizers can easily configure and set up sponsorship items and packages. For example, a gold sponsorship might include a sponsorship booth of a certain size, several event tickets, an ad in the event brochure, and a roll-up in the registration hall. Individual items can also be part of multiple packages. Additionally, some items can be purchased individually (like brochure ads), while others may not be as suitable for individual sale.


Managing sponsorships and sponsorship contracts

run.events features a sponsors and service partners focused CRM system. This is advantageous for event organizers who work with the same sponsors and individuals year after year, enabling them to track their data over time. run.events assists event organizers in covering the complete sponsor cycle: from initial contact and negotiation to contract signing, lead retrieval, and lead analytics. Sponsorship contracts are based on the sponsorship items and packages previously mentioned.


Managing sponsor personnel

run.events enables event organizers to track key information about sponsors' personnel, whether they'll be present at the event or are only involved beforehand. This information can be used to assign roles to the sponsor's personnel, such as Lead Manager or Task Manager. Furthermore, run.events allows for the automated creation and assignment of sponsorship tickets to sponsor personnel who will be attending the event. They can then utilize the run.events mobile app for lead retrieval during the event and to perform lead analytics afterward.

Managing Sponsors And Partners

Assigning tasks to sponsors

During event preparation, event organizers assign various tasks and deadlines to sponsors. These tasks might include making final booth position and configuration decisions, sending printed materials, and other necessary actions before the event. run.events supports both event organizers and sponsors in this process by allowing organizers to assign tasks to individual sponsors or multiple sponsors who meet certain criteria. Both sponsors and event organizers can then track these tasks in their respective dashboards and mark progress and completion.

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Lead retrieval and lead management

run.events provides sponsors and exhibitors with tools to capture, manage, analyze, and nurture leads. Using the mobile app, event sponsors can quickly scan attendees' badges, take notes, and classify leads on the go. In the run.events web application, sponsors can access the leads dashboard to evaluate and categorize collected leads or export them in a transferable format ready for any CRM system on the market. In this way, run.events helps sponsors build a list of potential partners and customers and follow up with them after the event.

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