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What you can do is register and start creating your event. A well-designed, user-friendly, and clearly structured user interface, supported by numerous helpers, will guide you through the entire process and help you make the best possible use of all the features offered.' customer support will, of course, be available to answer any additional questions that may arise.
It's been a hard day's night...

An average event organizer uses six different tools to organize one event (this number can grow), in addition to using various generic tools (not tailored for the events industry) and numerous Excel spreadsheets for the other segments. This is because the software products currently available on the market focus on one – or at best just a few – different segments and processes of event organization, leaving the organizers to deal with multiple disconnected and incompatible systems, which then cause complex, costly and potentially risky data migrations between those systems.

Upfront payments, high operational costs...

Furthermore, the vast majority of platforms require high upfront payments and installation and configuration costs, and often even external consultants in order to ramp up a functioning system. It is difficult for event organizers to know whether the tool they purchased will really be suitable for their business, and for the events which they are organizing, because those things only become apparent later in the event organization process, when the initial time and money investments have already been made, and when technological and financial lock-in has already happened. This situation causes unnecessarily high operational costs of ownership for event organizers, thus decreasing their profit margins. And that is without even taking into account that each of the separate tools that event organizers are typically using has its own licencing and maintenance costs. At a time where the events industry has been one of the industries most impacted by the global pandemic, and where event success is all but guaranteed, these costs are often difficult to provide and to justify.

We see as an operating system for the event industry...
...rather than a tool which is focusing only on organisation of one event.
How is different? is a comprehensive solution which is instantly ready-to-use, without the need to reach out to our sales team for a customized price offer of software demo. Event organizers can register and start creating their event with no upfront costs. A well-designed, user-friendly and clearly structured user interface will guide them through all their processes and help them to make the best possible use of all the features offered.’ customer support will of course be available to answer any additional questions arising. Short response times, quick problem solving and a multi-lingual approach will form the core principles of our customer support team.

You see, is built with our unique mix of subject matter and technology know-how.


We know the events management business inside out. We know software development. We ourselves needed a platform which would enable us to focus on our business, and not on the tools.

We have built to satisfy pressing need to automate and support our business in its entirety, year on year, event after event.

We ourselves needed a platform that takes into account the needs of our business, or where most time and money is being invested during the planning and organization process, or how multiple events relate to each other, or the involvement of other stakeholders in the business, such as exhibitors and service partners. is an event management software. But, it is also much more than that: it is an operating system for the event industry that will help event organizers to manage their complete business, involving all of their business processes. It is a system that will enable attendees and sponsors to manage their business network prior, during, and after events. It is a system for sponsors, exhibitors and service partners to streamline their communications and meet their deadlines.

It is a plafrom for the whole ecosystem.
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