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We made badging easy. Really easy.

Creating beautiful attendee badge designs ✅ Custom badge designs for different attendee types ✅ Print-At-Home Badges Digital Badges Badge invalidation ✅Replacement badges ✅

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Designing Beautiful Event Badges
  • Create stunning badge designs using the badge designer.
  • Import badge design templates from professional design software, such as Adobe, Affinity, or Figma.
  • Place attendee data and photos on badges.
  • Create different badge designs for various attendee types.
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There are many ways to print badges, and we support them all!
  • On-site badge printing (attended or self-service check-in kiosks) reduces check-in queues.
  • Print-at-home enables attendees to bring their pre-printed badges and simply pick up a badge holder and lanyard.
  • Pre-printing badges at professional print shops.
  • A combination of the above options for a hybrid approach.
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What happens if someone loses or forgets a badge?
  • Invalidation of lost or forgotten badges.
  • Invalidated badges cannot be used for venue access, session access, lead retrieval, or business networking.
  • Issuing and on-site printing of replacement badges.
  • Prevention of potential fraud.
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