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Attendee engagement and gamification

Enhance attendee engagement with your sponsors by using gamification features. Attendees earn coins by participating in activities, which they can use to 'purchase' swag from sponsors. A leaderboard and prize raffles increase competition and engagement.
Gamification Coins

Improving attendee engagement with Gamification features offers event organizers various gamification features to enhance engagement between sponsors and attendees.

The central gamification concept is coins (organizers can decide their names for event purposes). Attendees can earn coins by performing activities like visiting regular and sponsor sessions, visiting sponsor booths, or rating sessions. Additionally, organizers can award coins to attendees at their discretion.

Attendees can then use these coins to 'purchase' sponsor and exhibitor swag showcased in the mobile app. Furthermore, the platform includes a leaderboard that prominently displays the names of the attendees who have earned the most coins. This leaderboard is visible to all attendees and motivates them to compete and increase engagement.


Giveaways allows organizers to enter sponsor swag and giveaways in the system.

Attendees can use the mobile app to view the swag offered by each sponsor, while sponsors can 'sell' the swag to attendees in exchange for event coins. This feature helps to increase engagement with attendees and boosts the number of collected leads. 


Prizes and drawings

Events often have central prize raffles, or sponsors occasionally hold them at their booths.

With, organizers can enter prizes for each sponsor in the system. Attendees can view the prizes offered by each sponsor throughout the mobile app and find out when and where the prize drawing will occur.

Sponsors can use to conduct the prize drawing and choose whether the draw will include all event attendees or only those who visited their booth.

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